Volunteer Dream Team effort

What a difference a year makes

A year ago the world stopped, but the library kept going.  We shut our doors like everyone else but behind those doors was an army of volunteers helping with the library facelift.  Our volunteers moved all the books and shelves for new carpet and paint. Every piece of furniture, shelving, and book had to be moved. We had volunteers building the discovery centers in the children’s room, creating the hub for our tech services, and rebuilding our circulation area.  These men and women are are the reason that we have such a beautiful space today.  The vision for this space began with our Dream Team brainstorming a space for children to play, discover the world and grow in literacy.  Their dream planted a seed for the facelift of the whole space.  The Dream Team is still in the process of purchasing furniture for the youth space and growing our makerspace area.

Meet our Volunteers: click on a picture below to enlarge and scroll through more images


Jeff and Cathy Marsh - Jeff and Cathy coordinated the efforts in the children’s room.  Jeff brought the expertise in building the centers and the countertops, while Cathy brought the creativity and led the dream team.  When Jeff isn’t helping the library he is at New York Life.  Cathy is the Goshen County Library Foundation President.


Russell, Kendra, James, Julia and Jerra Stienmetz - The entire Stienmetz family pitched in.  Russell could always be found with a drill in hand.  He also offered his expertise in building the discovery centers and countertops.  Russell was also an integral part of moving the shelving around. Kendra and the kids were a big part of our team that moved the books off the shelves so that we could rearrange the shelving. Russell teaches math and coaches football at THS.  Kendra can be found at Points West.  Kendra is a member of our dream team.


Wheaton and Ashley Kremke - Ashley was a part of our dream team, giving her time to create an amazing space for children in Goshen County.  Ashley is a surgical nurse at Banner. Wheaton also pitched in and helped to build the construction zone and grocery store for the discovery center. He is VP at Points West.


Mark and Nyana Sims - Mark and Nyana Sims pitched in and helped with moving shelves.  Mark is a soon to be retired teacher and coach at THS and Nyna is the principal at Lincoln Elementary.


Scott Andrew - Scott was a part of our moving team. 


Mike Durfee - Mike was a part of taking the books off the shelves, as well as moving the furniture out to carpet.  Mike has been a part of both the library board and the foundation board.  He is a retired principal.


Bob, Ellen and Ethan Creagar- Bob and Ethan helped with moving furniture, shelves and books.  Bob teaches math at Eastern Wyoming College and Ethan is a student at Colorado State University. Ellen was a part of organizing the facelift.  She helped with moving books, shelving and organizing our volunteer moving team.  Ellen teaches history at Eastern Wyoming College and is the president of the library board.


Britt, Brenna and Finley Marsh - Brenna was a part of the dream.  She offered her expertise as an early elementary teacher at Lincoln to the project.  Britt was a part of the building crew and moving crew.  He helped with putting in the new countertops.  He is a dentist at Family Dentistry.


Paul Braddy and the Braddy Kids - Paul was a part of the help with everything team.  He helped move shelves, take books off shelves and move office equipment.  The Braddy kids, Mika, Benji, Malaki, Nounou and Sagesse helped to move books, build shelves, move office equipment and reshelf books.  Paul is a pastor at Sonrise Church. Mika is a student at Colorado State University.  Benji is a student at Eastern Wyoming College and the rest are students in Torrington.


Jackson Jones - Jackson was a part of our moving team.  He plays basketball at Laramie County Community College.


Cameron Murphy - Cameron was a part of our moving team.  He plays baseball at Miles Community College in Montana.


Megan Griggs - Megan is a part of our dream team.  She offered her creativity to the design.  She continues to offer her graphic design and marketing expertise to the library.  Megan can be found with a camera in hand and chasing kids.  She is a part of the Goshen County Library Foundation Board.

To see more pictures of the remarkable transformation, click here to visit the Gallery Page.

Director - Cristine Braddy
Janet Flock   Anita Sanchez
Keeli Rasmussen
Andy Espinoza
Laurel Cline
Ellen Creagar Dee Ludwig
Terry Haines Larissa Felipe
Larry Curtis
Cathy Marsh Janan McCreery
Nanette Hornbeck  Mike Durfee
Megan Griggs  Ellen Creagar
Andy Espinoza